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Helium Tank - 55 cu ft


Do you have balloons you would like to fill with helium?  We can help you!  We have helium ready to use.  The tank comes with a balloon filler with a gauge.

Below is a table to give a guide to the number of balloons a full take will filled.  This table is not to exact count.

Balloon Size Balloon Type

Volume of Helium
per Balloon

 Approx # of Balloons Filled

9 inch latex 0.27 cubic feet 200
10 inch latex 0.30 cubic feet 180
11 inch latex 0.50 cubic feet 110
12 inch latex 0.52 cubic feet 100
36 inch latex 14.10 cubic feet 4
18 inch mylar 0.44 cubic feet 125
26 inch mylar 1.50 cubic feet 35
36 inch mylar 4.00 cubic feet 13